Why DJ Fuller is an unrealistic single mom

fuller house single mom

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Netflix just premiered “Fuller House,” the revival to every ’80’s kid’s favorite show: FULL HOUSE! (Shout out to the TGIF OGs!)

And, as we already know, everyone’s grown up. The original children are now in their 30s, Michelle can’t be bothered, party girl Stephanie comes back into town, DJ is recently widowed with three children to raise. One of those is a baby who, when this season was filmed, was less than a year old (or right about a year).

Some of that parallels with my life and, while I LOVE the series reboot, I have to say I found DJ to be an unrealistic single mom. Here’s why:

1. That baby! The little boys who play him are ADORABLE, but that is the best behaved baby on the planet. (Maybe aside from Jensen, but Jensen is just now getting to a more independent point that makes him okay with being left in a crib unattended.) I know it’s the magic of TV, but he never cries, is never fed or diapered, the family doesn’t revolve around him as families with new babies have to during that first year.

2. DJ seems like an unattached mother. And I mean this in that you rarely see her with the baby. Now, I have a baby ABOUT Tommy’s age and, let me tell you, she makes it look like a piece of cake! The middle child is always watching the baby. And did you see him give the baby the puppy treat?! #ohhellno That takes Baby Led Weaning to a new level. I know it’s just TV, but be for real here. When I’m not working, I’m taking care of four children and one of them takes up so much more time than the others.

3. DJ is moving too quickly with her romantic interests. Again, I’m a single mom of a bunch of kids, too, and with one about the same age as her youngest, I don’t have the time to devote to dating ONE person, much less TWO. And DO NOT – seriously, DO NOT! – introduce your kids to people you’re dating that soon! (Are you NUTS, DJ?) And how long has her husband been gone? She barely sheds a tear over him toward the ending. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a lot of moments where I think, “Oh, I wish your dad could see this!” and my kids’ dads are still living.

4. She has all the time in the world! They’re chilling in the mornings before school? Um, what? And they’re chilling in the evenings, relaxing, between school/work and having a school event? She’s always dressed well, her hair and makeup are always done, she never looks like the baby has been up at night (oh, that’s right, because he never even whines). #unrealistic Maybe I need a Stephanie & Kimmy combo in my house?

Am I alone in thinking that she’s not representative of a real single mother?

Of course, yes, I have to remind myself this is just fiction (say it ain’t so!) and there’s a lot about single motherhood, parents dying, and the struggle with each of those things that can’t really be touched on in 13 episodes, but I thought it could have been handled better. There was the connection with the original cast, but there wasn’t such great chemistry between the adults and children, in my opinion.

All of that said, I genuinely loved the show and think it could be great! I’m not disappointed, but I can definitely see room for improvement.