I’m a single mother times three and … let’s face it … the daycare bills don’t pay themselves. To keep from peddling products in strangers’ homes or standing on the street corner, I’m offering ad spots on my blog to help keep the lights turned on. (More on why I’m offering sponsorship is available here.)

So how will this benefit your business? Because I can help you sell things! I don’t have time to work a home-based business, but I have time to write about yours. Unlike most other mommy bloggers, this girl’s an award-winning journalist, so says the Tennessee Press Association, and though things are a little less formal around here, I know how to work a business story. I’ve been writing about local businesses since February 2007 and while I’ve moved on to other things, I still enjoy promoting businesses. Buy an ad, get a blog post dedicated to your business (or a product of your choice) too! It’s called value-added advertising, and it’s how we roll around here.

Interested? Here’s what’s available:

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