Menu Plan Monday: Sept. 11-17, 2011

Meal planning

How about a Menu Plan Monday post for today?

Several months ago I purchased the Organizher Fridge Filer from Target and I LOVE it; I put my menu in front, the second page holds a monthly calendar (I downloaded and printed the calendars from and the remaining pages hold sports schedules, old copies of our menus (for inspiration when I need it) and my very last newsletter/calendar from Jenna’s teacher of four years. I love being able to flip through my important info and have it all right there, on my fridge, right above the water dispenser. (My husband, I think, ignores it, but my older two kids love having it there, posted, so they know what to expect for their next meal.)

People think I’m really organized and … well, that’s not really true. I’m organized in several areas, just a few areas, and a hot mess everywhere else. Meal planning and activities schedules are two areas where I try to stay as organized as I can. It really helps, I promise; a little work on the front ends save a lot of time on the back end and I’m all about saving time right now.

I’m not completely on top of my game this week, but this is what we have planned:

Breakfast: cereal, milk
Lunch: (eat at church)
Dinner: ramen noodles

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast
Lunch: farfalle pasta tossed with butter, basil and parmesan, carrots
Dinner: ate at Mexican restaurant

Breakfast: breakfast tacos
Lunch: all three kids want to buy lunch at school – my first day in five weeks where I don’t have to make a lunch
Dinner: tortellini, peas, sauteed spinach

Breakfast: oatmeal, fruit
Lunch: pigs in a blanket, carrots, cheese
Dinner: spaghetti, salad

Breakfast: cinnamon rolls, fruit
Lunch: mini pancakes, fruit, cheese cubes
Dinner: roast chicken, scalloped potatoes, green beans

Breakfast: waffles, fruit
Lunch: sandwiches, fruit, cheese, carrots
Dinner: eat out after soccer practice

Breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit
No other meals planned because I’ll be working an annual festival in our town

I typically make my meal plan on Sunday afternoons and shop immediately after, but that didn’t happen this weekend (or last weekend!). And I’d planned to shop during my lunch break, but eating sounded more appealing. I’ll get there eventually.

By the way, if you’re interested in the printable meal plans, check out the Downloads page and snag both sets for free!

Menu Plan Monday