Meal Plan Monday – August 4-10, 2013

Today’s the first day of school here in Tennessee (or at least in the Greater Memphis Area), and I’m kind of wondering where summer vacation went. Yikes.

The back-to-school stuff is exhausting me and we haven’t set one foot inside of the school yet, so we’re going to take it easy this week and focus on adjusting to a new school year. We also missed a few of our scheduled meals last week due to being out school shopping and my having to cover an event at the last minute (like, dinner was already in the oven), so we’re repeating a few from last week.


I’m linking up with the Organizing Junkie again this week. Here’s our plan:

Sunday, 8/4
Breakfast: Omelets (which Jaiden made)
Lunch: Snack on coffee hour items at church
Dinner: Grilled chicken salad, bread

Monday, 8/5
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon
Lunch: Sandwiches, popcorn, string cheese
Dinner: Chicken enchiladas, refried beans

Tuesday, 8/6
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Sandwiches, popcorn, string cheese
Dinner: Pancakes & bacon

Wednesday, 8/7
Breakfast: Breakfast tacos
Lunch: Ham & cheese roll-ups, carrots, string cheese
Dinner: I usually work late and my parents have the kids, but this week they are unable to, so we’ll likely swing through a drive-thru when I get off.

Thursday, 8/8
Breakfast: Sausage* biscuits
Lunch: Sandwich, popcorn, string cheese, carrots
Dinner: Roast beef, noodles, broccoli

Friday, 8/9 
Breakfast: Cereal
Lunch: Sandwich, popcorn, string cheese, carrots (seriously, my son whines when I don’t send him with a sandwich)
Dinner: Pizza & movie night (we’re going to watch Grease at a playhouse near our house instead of watching a movie)

Saturday, 8/10 
Breakfast: Omelets
Lunch: Ramen noodles
Dinner: Chicken tacos

* My son had to go MSG-free due to having very frequent migraines, but, so far, we’ve found that a lot of foods we regularly eat haven’t negatively affected him, so his diet isn’t as restricted and we don’t have to cut out sausage or ramen noodles.

What’s on your menu this week? Trying anything new? Going with tried-and-true staples?