Let It Be.

Mantle Decor - Be.

I finally did something with my mantle, you guys.

Before last night/the wee hours of this morning (thank you, menagerie, for waking me up at 3:45), it looked sad. Like, construction materials still sitting on it sad (in my defense, construction finally wrapped only two weeks ago).


This picture was taken a few weeks ago, but you get the idea. Months ago I bought an antique mirror to go above the mantle, but it’s not working with what I have going on, so the mantle was sad and pitiful until I figured it out.

I used a reclaimed half-pallet top that’s been lying around. I knew I wanted to eventually do something with it, but it took a few months to figure it out. I sprayed it white and it sat on the porch for another week before last night.

I hand-lettered a few signs for a wedding last week and decided I wanted to paint the pallet top blue and write BE on it.

2013-08-29 07.48.30

I intended to spray it opaque navy and planned to do several coats, but I really loved the way it started looking during the first coat when I went over it. It looks cool. And I wished I’d thought of that first, because I would have sprayed teal behind it instead of white. You live, you learn.

My kids think it looks cool and that’s good enough for me. They each commented on it this morning.

I originally wanted us to write different adjectives on the piece – like respectful, original, diligent, beautiful, kind – but I’m still figuring that part out. I want something that will inspire the four of us. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I suck at mantle staging, but at 4:30 a.m., there’s really not much else to do, unless you want to watch Arrested Development reruns on Netflix again (which I’m currently enjoying – what a great show).

Here’s what else is up there:

2013-08-29 07.48.02

A Ball jar from my grandmother’s cellar filled with silk flowers, a gold wooden clock bought from Goodwill a couple of year ago and a couple of books (note: my maiden name is Gaines, so this book is a nod to that). I just realized those are both books about finding a better version of yourself centered around death (Jefferson’s death sentence and Lois’s father’s cancer-related death).

2013-08-29 07.48.11

On the left side is a pair of vases I bought at Target a few years ago and a little decorative plate I bought on clearance (for $5.25) over the weekend at a local garden supply store.

The experts say you should center a large piece, then layer in accessories of different heights and weights that give your eye movement. I wanted to add some texture with the flowers and I love how the different shades of gold, magenta and purple play well together.

So there’s my little mantle upgrade. I’m thinking of getting more pallet tops and painting them for the different seasons and holidays.

Anyone else working on mantle tweaks? What’s up your fall decorating sleeve? We’re almost there!

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