I really hate taking breaks from blogging because when I get around to updating, I forget what all’s happened. And sometimes I miss being an at-home mom because it was so much easier to share all of the funny things my kids say. And so I guess I’ll start there.

Over the weekend we were at a Mexican restaurant and Jenna, who had not yet had a much-needed map, was being cranky. She didn’t want to order anything so I chose the usual standby: chicken strips and fries. This elicited a tantrum, of course. As did everything else, like the apple juice the waiter brought and having to sit in a high chair and the fact that it was Saturday. During her wailing fit, she exclaimed she did not want chicken and french fries. She wanted an “eximo” (eskimo). Um? When did they start serving THAT? lol. But that, in Jenna language, apparently meant QUESADILLA. And no, she did not eat that either. Until we were walking out of the restaurant. Then she threw a huge fit and started eating.

Jaylen is learning about cold weather climates in school right now (our winter weather comes at THE PERFECT time). Today they discussed igloos and who lives in igloos – no, not Sarah Palin, ESKIMOS. My son, in all of his smiling glory, decided to share with his class that his sister ordered an eskimo at the Mexican restaurant the other day. lol. I bet his teacher was so, so, so confused. lol.

And Jaiden. The girl is really funny and she doesn’t realize it. In the car on the ride home tonight she said, “Miss Head is married, so we call her ‘Miseriz Head’, but I just wave at her.” lol! PS – Where I learned to pronounce “Mrs.” as “missus”, here people often pronounce it as “miseriz”. Yeah, I don’t get it, either. Someone please break it down for a yankee.

Emma is really funny too. Last week she declared ketchup her favorite color. lol.

Otherwise ..

The kids brought report cards home – Jaylen is doing well and is growing socially and behaviorally and Jaiden has straight As again. Yay! Jenna has been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama. She can identify both of them and she will tell you about Martin Luther King Jr.: “He had a dweem!”

We have a new dog, Izzy (CKC name is Princess Izabell Poco Perro). She is pictured above, in the green/blue sweater. We acquired her last week after my co-worker needed to find her a new home. When Emma saw her for the first time she gasped and exclaimed, “TWO PIPPAS!!” lol. The dogs get along very well with the kids.

Izzy and Pippa are litter mates. Pippa is a red fawn and Izzy is a blue fawn with a bigger ear span and longer legs. lol. Pippi is more petite and is usually in pink, if clothed. We are having issues with dominance and territories here, which means I’ve been cleaning up A LOT of you know what. Oy. I’m working diligently with them to help with the issues. If you see my favorite Latin dog whisperer, tell him where he can find me. And my dogs.

Wedding planning is … coming along? Thanks to the help of my best friend and matron of honor, Shanée. She has so graciously asked to help – a wonderful MOH! – and I have pretty much just handed it to her. If this thing can be pulled off, it will be all because of her and my mom. I really suck at this. I just can’t make up my mind! Shanée and I discussed things tonight and I think we have a theme. Centered around Crown Royal bags and marbles. lol. Seriously. Well, that and the sunset since we’ll be married late in the evening. Of course, I have changed my mind about six or seven times already, so you would probably be right in not holding your breath with this. My mom is now making me a dress I love so far. I’m so excited about it! We only have a little more than 4 months to go! I can’t wait.

Work is going well. Slow, but well. The same is true for Darin.

The week before last Darin built a fire out back and we roasted marshmallows and made s’mores. Darin then took Jaylen camping last weekend in the backyard and he watched all of the kids while I hung out with my co-workers. They had a big time roasting hot dogs and marshmallows again, despite the cold. And I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed a girls’ night out for a few hours! Darin’s awesome.

Also, the week before last I was experiencing really, really awful cramping issues. If you would consider labor pains a 10, these were at about 7-8. VERY painful. Now I’m a pretty tough chick, if I do say so myself. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and my general attitude is if I can birth three babies, I can handle anything and thus I rarely take pain medicine. But that week I was in bed super early every single night (also a VERY clear indicator that something IS DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT!!! with me) or soaking in the whirlpool bath just as soon as I’d finished dinner. Also, I was quiet. Because I didn’t want to let on how much pain I was in because I was scared it was something really awful.

On Wednesday morning of that week (so, two weeks ago) I woke up in the most extreme pain and had decided I needed to go to the ER. When I got to work we had a gas leak, too. Luckily I had a couple of stories to do that morning, but when I returned to the office we were being told to go home. I was going to go straight to the ER, which is next door, until I saw my co-pay. Ha, yeah, no on that. I came home and scheduled an appointment with a new OB/GYN clinic, only they couldn’t see me until the following Tuesday. Oy.

But … by that Tuesday, I was mostly feeling better, though still a little crampy. It was in the area of my ovaries, so I knew it wasn’t anything like appendicitis. I had to have an ultrasound done (no humans or puppies inside the uterus – awesome) and it was determined I had an ovarian cyst rupture. Ouch. And I didn’t even know I had this cyst. So that’s that. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this practice, by the way. They are AWESOME.

Darin and I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop the other weekend. It’s awesome. As Emily said, funny and surprisingly clean. lol. And big shout-out to Emily & Zach who will become parents tomorrow morning! We love you guys and wish you well!

What else? We rearranged the master bedroom and found a satellite hook-up that works, so now we don’t have just one TV up in here anymore. LOVE IT! This past weekend I bought curtains and other decorative items for the room and house. I get really excited to decorate, just not excited at the bill. I shopped the Target Home Design Event’s clearance section for everything except the curtains. lol. I hung them myself Saturday night; nevermind the fact it took an hour to get the first set up, then I ironed all of the curtains for about an hour, and then it took five minutes for the second set to be hung. The color of our walls is called Sparkling Lake, kind of an aqua with a green hint to it. Mint chocolate chip minus the chocolate chips. But with the aqua curtains, it looks like the room is more of the bluish aqua. The curtains look like they are two shades darker than the walls (they are the Rocky River tab top curtains). Weeks ago I purchased sheets from Fred’s and they turned out to be a shade darker than the walls. lol. Very monochromatic in here right now save for the ivory duvet and pillows. At Target I also bought a set of circle mirrors which are hung on the wall behind the bed and those pretty decorative balls to sit in a 10-inch plate kind of thing. I still need curtains for every other window in the house (well, minus the little girls’ room).

Jumping around here – about three weeks ago Jaiden got in trouble for wearing her little high heels to school without permission. Actually, I had strictly told her not to wear them to school. So she put them in her backpack and changed at school. I just so happened to take their lunch money to school and caught her! So she got her heels taken away and has not worn them since. The same weekend she spent the night at a friend’s house for a birthday party. When she came home, she reported one of her friends has “a bra AND matching panties!!!” Oy. Oy, oy, oy. The next day she wore an undershirt folded up – like a sort of bra. Again: oy, oy, oy! She is SIX. I didn’t think this stuff started until middle school? *SIGH*

Darin bought a Wii Fit. So excited to use it in a few days! Some of my co-workers and I are trying to lose weight, so we have been walking and trying to eat right (or saying we’re going to lol). I was down 3 pounds this weekend, but I’m sure I’ve already gained those back.

As I write this, we are waiting on a supposed ice storm. It’s been raining for more than 24 hours and they say the worst is yet to come. It’s just now 32 degrees. I’m wondering if they will call school … hoping yes, but hoping no at the same time. For me, work doesn’t wait. We have to get a paper out regardless.

Anyhoo. I suppose I’ve bored you long enough! Have a great next few days. I promise to get better with the updates again.