Friday Five: Things I’m Digging

Earlier this week I’d decided today I’d talk about family history and genealogy, but … I don’t feel like it. So let’s talk about cool stuff instead? Awesome.

I wanted to share five things I’m digging right now:

1. White Silkie Chickens How adorable are they, right? (The chickens, I mean.) You might have seen Tori Spelling walking around with her White Silkie, Coco, at the GLAAD awards or on her show, Home Sweet Hollywood. When we decided to, essentially, become poultry farmers, I researched breeds and decided I wanted a Silkie. We’ve been stalking the farm and garden boards at Craigslist without any real luck, but the good news is that my co-worker Sherri, who also got chickens this weekend, just received a shipment of Silkie eggs today. With any luck there will be a white one for me in a couple of weeks! We’ll have to see what hatches.

2. Turquoise coop by the Blue Between family I adore this coop! The color is a big reason (so bold and I’m REALLY loving teal these days), but I also love how functional it seems to be. There are all kinds of doors and storage and it’s built in such a way that adults can go inside to clean it. I hope we’re able to model ours after this one, but neither of us is very experienced in carpentry. But did I mention the color?

Other coops we like are the Wichita Cabin Coop and this glammed-up Fancy Farm Girl coop (her coop is nicer than my house). This mod coop, as seen on The Art of Doing Stuff, is also really nice.

3. How I Met Your Mother I’m a little late to the party, because I only started watching HIMYM a few months ago, but I love, love, love this show! I caught a couple of episodes this winter on WGN, then decided to watch the series on Netflix. I’m on Season 6 now, with Season 7 being the ones on-air now, so I’m steadily working my way through them, then I’ll catch the current season on Hulu, hopefully, until I catch up with where we are now. This is just such a good show and it never, ever, ever fails to make me laugh (well, okay, Season 4 lagged a little bit because Lily wasn’t as physically comedic due to Allyson Hannigan’s pregnancy). The screenshot above was taken from the episode where Marshall may or may not have been mugged by a monkey in Central Park.


4. Boston terriers I just think they’re adorable! We have no plans for a dog, and I’m not sure I can handle a pet that needs to be accompanied to use the restroom, but I can’t help but smile when I see these guys.


5. Gray, white and color How sweet and chic is this nursery ?! I am really into gray and white with bright, bold pops of color, especially these wide horizontal stripes. It’s super cozy and makes me want to cuddle up with a bunch of pillows, a cup of hot tea and a good book. I’ve already painted two rooms in the house gray this spring and … I’m trying not to paint my room gray too. Eep.

So these are some of the things I’m loving. What are you loving these days?

2 thoughts on “Friday Five: Things I’m Digging

  1. Jenni
    April 13, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    wow, Silkie chickens are beautiful. And that coop with the chandelier, very nice. I am thinking of getting bunnies for the kids, we live on an island, a small fishing village, I don’t think chickens would fare too well here.

  2. April 14, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    We are in LOVE with HIMYM!! Steve was kind of reticent about picking up a new sitcom a few seasons back but I convinced him and now it’s one of his favorites. While its getting rather difficult to keep watching with no idea of who the mother is, I would argue that the past season or so has been one of the strongest with regards to the emotional development of the characters. I don’t pay attention much to where the seasons fall so without posting spoilers I can say that there have been numerous episode where I have similarly cheered and bawledy eyes out because I am so in love with these characters. Well, mostly everyone but Ted. Because Ted is just kind of blah to me!! But oh, season7 that is airing now is so so lovely!

    Also, my Grandpa used to have the sweetest Boston Terrier that was his everyday companion. I remember they’d drive to McDonalds almost every morning and he’d buy him a sausage biscuit. Loved that dog!!