Friday Five: Standardized Testing Treat Ideas

Sweet Testing Treats Round-Up

Next week my children have state standardized testing – TCAPs and the SAT10 – and they’re already so, so worried about it. If I’m allowed to go off on a tangent here, and I am because it’s my blog and I’ll get sidetracked if I want to, I kind of hate standardized tests. It’s not the test so much, but the pressure it puts on the children and teachers. My poor kids will think they’re destined for perpetual unemployment if they don’t do well on an elementary school level test. It’s so much pressure. Two words for you: Jessie. Spano.

Anyway, to help encourage them to do well I’m planning to help them become diabetics reward them with little puntastic treats like they’re dogs.

2015 update: I’ve included FREE printable tags for these treats at the bottom of this post. Want healthier options too? This year I’ve featured some (and printables go with those as well)!

Here are some of the best/cutest/coolest I’ve seen:

Smart Cookie

1. You’re One Smart Cookie  This is an easy one to do. Grab a package of little cookies (or make some, you freakin’ overachiever) and stick an adhesive label to it. Boom. Done. (Source: AliLily Blog)


2. You’re a Smartie Pants How adorable are these little pants with a Smarties belt? This one’s courtesy of Julia and Leslie from Two Busy Brunettes.


3. Blow the Top Off the Test Found over at Technology Rocks. Seriously., this little note can be printed on a quarter-sheet of cardstock and you can put gum or a Blow Pop above the letters. Please buy Blow Pops, though, because it keeps my local residents in jobs; did you know every single one is made right here in Covington, Tennessee, less than five minutes from my house? True story. But anyway, head over to Technology Rocks. Seriously. for this printable and others like it.


4. It’s Cool to be a Nerd The weird thing is it’s true: it’s really cool to be a nerd right now. And I’m pretty sure your studious little ones will love this treat, courtesy of Tales of the 4th Grade Teacher.


5. That’s How we Roll/Rock the Test This is really cute, but I can’t find the source. At any rate, package some Tootsie Rolls, or even Fruit Roll-Ups, with a similarly clever tag.

Now, ready for the download?

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.07.32 PM

Click here for a full-page PDF of each of the tags featured, plus a bonus “Smartie Pants” tag. (Don’t pull that graphic; click the download link so you can get the high resolution file.) This 8.5 x 11″ file will print eight tags that are the size of business cards.There are crop marks printed so you know where to make your cuts. Enjoy!

What cool ideas have you seen? Are your children as worried about testing as mine are? Share your tips in the comments below!