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Organization is something I’ve been working on lately. With four children and a husband who is a planner, I’ve found meal plans have made dinnertime easier than ever (and helps to curb the “What’s for dinner?” question – well, sometimes!). And anyone who does it will tell you: meal planning and creating a shopping list, as simple as they sound, help save time and money both at the grocery store and during the week.

Now available for free download is the exclusive Daylicious Lists printables line, featuring weekly menu plans and shopping lists.

Printables are currently available in Grapefruit, featuring a cheerful ruby red and citrus orange palette, and a cool blue and tangy green palette called Apple.

Menu plans are available in several formats:

Weekly, dinner-only Ideal for working mothers and those who only plan dinners, this document allow adequate space for a week’s worth of evening meals
Weekly, expanded A comprehensive meal planning tool which allows plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a full week; great for moms who prepare three meals a day for their families or those keeping track of meals for dieting purposes
Shopping lists Save time and money at the market by making a list and sticking to it! This printable features a set of three lists and room for 30 items or more per list.
Combo A perfect tool for those who use both their menu and list while shopping, this printable features a dinner-only weekly meal plan and shopping list.

What are you waiting for? Select your set, download the PDF files and plan next week’s meal! (You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these files.) download: Daylicious Lists – Blue & Green.pdf ()
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description: Complete set of Apple menus and lists download: Daylicious Lists – Pink & Orange.pdf ()
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description: Complete set of Grapefruit menus and lists download: daylicious list and menu bg.pdf ()
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description: Apple combo pack download: daylicious list and menu po.pdf ()
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description: Grapefruit combo pack download: daylicious meal planner blue.pdf ()
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description: Apple meal plans download: daylicious meal planner pink.pdf ()
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description: Grapefruit meal plans download: daylicious meal planner triple bg.pdf ()
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description: Apple expanded weekly plan download: daylicious meal planner triple po.pdf ()
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description: Grapefruit expanded weekly plan download: daylicious shopping list blue green.pdf ()
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description: Apple shopping lists download: daylicious shopping list pink orange.pdf ()
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description: Grapefruit shopping lists

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