DIY School Days Frame

Modern School Days Photo Frames
Remember those old school days frames your mom had hanging in the hallway? Talk about public displays of humiliation, right? I had braces and glasses and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Evidence from my pre-glasses, pre-braces days is even horrid:

photo 2photo 1

(Third grade on the left – this was taken while my second husband and I were in the same class and that’s what I looked like the last time we saw each other as children – and fifth grade on the right.)

I wanted to do something similar for my children – yes, humiliate them – but in a more updated way. I found these frames at Walmart for less than $10 each, then framed their annual first day of school photos. Let it be known that I don’t always buy Lifetouch portraits, even though I am a former employee, because they’re pretty expensive when you’re buying in triplicate.


To make these a little more modern, and a little less empty while we wait on them to get to their senior year, I whipped up a little graphic with their names and the year they (are supposed to!) graduate, then I printed it and the photos (size them down to 2×3″) out on regular paper.

Modern School Days Photo Frame

I made them a few months ago, at the end of the school year, and I was so proud of them when I showed my kids (actually, I cried those sentimental tears a lot of mommies have when they see the comparison between their babies then and their babies now). Jaiden said, “That’s nice, but you shouldn’t have put the year on there. You don’t know when we’ll finish school.”

Modern School Days Photo Frame

Um? YES I DO. It’d BETTER be on time. But also? It’s paper, not like a tattoo or anything.

I have framed photos from the first days of Pre-K (Pre-K graduation for Jenna because she was homeschooled at that point) and I will adjust the photos as the years go by so there are spaces from Kindergarten to 12th grade (the big frame in the middle). Or, you know, maybe I’ll just keep these going from Pre-K to 11th grade and frame a larger senior portrait. We still have time to figure that all out.

So there you have it – modern school days frames for less than $10. *CURTSY* And if your children don’t graduate on time? Print out a new graphic when you’re done beating them.

One thought on “DIY School Days Frame

  1. Janessa
    July 11, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    A new graphic when you are done beating them…..bahahahaha! Hilarious! I was thinking something along those lines too, lol. But that’s a really cute idea. Looks much better than having that big blank space in the center just waiting forever for them to graduate.