All Moved In

photo 3

So moving day has come and gone.

Picture 8

The actual day of the move went pretty smoothly. I managed to have everything packed and ready, a first for me. Everything but our clothes, I mean.

I was surprised by how quickly things were loaded in and brought into the house, but we have everything there (except for our clothes, because we still have to put closet rods up).

photo 2

(This was just before they began unloading the truck. This area is now cluttered with a ton of boxes that need to be unpacked.)

And when I say things are going smoothly I don’t mean there haven’t been issues. Nothing was broken this time, unlike last time, so that’s good, but there’s still a fair amount of stressful things going on.

Saturday was crazy exhausting, especially so because I had a lot of late nights leading up to the move, so I was exhausted and overwhelmed and not really knowing where to start with unpacking. Thankfully I had help and the girls’ things are put away, groceries have been purchased and other things were done that needed doing.

We tried to enjoy the first weekend in the new house as best we could:

Picture 7

The dogs are enjoying the backyard (and Yoyo is enjoying escaping from it). We’ve started crate training and they are doing SO WELL. They go into the crate any time we’re not home and overnight, too. Once we get boxes unpacked and create some semblance of order in the house, they’ll be able to sleep with the kids again, but we’re crating while there’s so much for them to chew on. I’m surprised that Bo has been choosing to go into the crate even when he doesn’t have to.

On Sunday morning I sat on the stoop and drank iced coffee while watching them run around. They are running towards the backyard of the neighbors who have three boxers; on the other side of us are two other dogs, so they running around barking at all of their new canine compadres.


We had cereal and grapes for breakfast, then Jaiden and I had to shower without a curtain because the shower curtain rods were not cooperating with me. I couldn’t find the hooks, either, so yeah. It was interesting.

Picture 6

We now live 3/10ths of a mile from church, so the kids rode their bikes (Jenna was on a scooter) and I walked. They loved it and each has asked to do it all the time. When we walked back in after church, we were met by a bird flying through the living room and into the hallway.

Picture 5

He flew down to the floor and we guided him, gently, into a box, then released him on the porch. We have a nest of birds in the chimney; there are a couple of trees growing through it, too, which is why it was condemned.

We visited my parents’ house for a couple of hours of pool time before heading back to the house and unpacking. When we pulled up, the next door neighbors’ boxers were barking, which made my dogs bark, then Yoyo bolted out of the car (they went swimming too) and over to their yard. Thankfully the neighbor didn’t mind; it was the first time we met and I really like her. They’ll be moving soon, unfortunately.

Picture 3

The girls played dress-up and did makeovers. I started a (small) load of laundry, my mom and I were working on unpacking dishes and washing them and my dad was supposed to be hanging bathroom mirrors. Then this happened:

I could hear a loud noise and figured my dad was doing something with power tools, then realized it was the washing machine. It was so loud that after I shot this video I went outside to tell my parents about it and we could hear it out there too; it sounded like someone was mowing their lawn. In the video you can see only five minutes left on the cycle. This is what happened in five minutes:


It made a (more than) 90-degree turn and damaged the dryer and the wall. #funtimes

After getting the units moved around, my parents left and Jaylen and I got to work making tacos for dinner. We had another visitor, too.

Picture 4

This time I was able to use the broom to nudge this guy from the window. Jaylen collected it in the box, then set it outside. Two in one day.

After dinner it was time for baths and bedtime. Jaylen helped me unpack plates to put in the dishwasher and break down boxes. Once they were finally in bed (finally!), I went outside to sit on the bank and look at the super moon. I needed a little bit of downtime.

Before I went to bed I opened the other new TV, put it together and set it up. Unfortunately, this one’s not a smart TV like we thought it was, but that can be remedied pretty easily. We’re using antennas right now and … wow. We get two local channels (neither is my favorite) and 10-12 church channels, depending on which TV you’re on. We can’t watch Action News 5, but we can watch church in Chinese and that’s just about the same thing, right?

And so this morning I’m convinced I have whatever’s going around. My throat hurts. My head hurts. I think I was running fever all weekend. My mom’s also sick. I have no Internet and have a module due by midnight, so I have to go to their house after dinner to get my assignments done. I have another module due Thursday and a midterm on Friday. Jaiden turns 11 on Thursday and her party, which I still need to plan, is Saturday night. I’m totally feeling the stress right now.


5 thoughts on “All Moved In

  1. Emily
    June 24, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Bless you! Big weekend.

    1. Echo
      June 25, 2013 at 9:56 am

      Thank you! 🙂

  2. June 24, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    On Jai’s party. I don’t know if this is helpful but with Ireland, right after her 10th birthday we looked at her and explained that every family is different and because of that we were handling birthday’s differently too. We talked about how we still wanted to honor the day she was born but instead of a party, we would focus more inside our family. So the b-day person picks the meals, and one special activity for the day. This time she picked to see The Sound of Music on the big screen and it was awesome. Also very low stress since it was just the normal crew of us. I did tell her we’d do a big bash when she turns 13 cause you only turn a teen once!

  3. Sarah Preston
    June 25, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    looks fantastic, love the before and after shots its such an improvement, cant wait to see it all finished with your bedroom design ideas.

  4. Kelli
    June 26, 2013 at 11:15 am

    great job Echo! Beautiful house. I am so happy for you!