About the Site

I began working with HTML and websites in 1998-ish. My first site was on Geocities and was pretty much about my family and I. From there I moved to Homestead (in 2001) and eventually to echoleigh.com in September.

I picked ‘echoleigh.com’ because I couldn’t come up with a cool name like everyone else. Besides, nothing describes me better than my name. It’s who I am.

I opened the site in the wee hours of the morning on September 11, 2001. I went to bed around 5:30 a.m. and thus I slept through the devastation as it unfolded. By the time I woke up one of the towers had already fallen, Flight 93 had already crashed in Pennsylvania, and thousands of lives had already been lost. I have written more on this subject and you can find that here.

This site obviously means a lot to me after all of these years. When I started the site I was new to HTML and graphics and now, well I’m not a newbie anymore. In 2003, I changed my major to Computer Art because I loved web and graphic design, something I never did (on a computer, anyway) before starting my websites (and before this I had a Homestead site).

I have been through a lot since I started this and almost everything is documented. I lost entries from 2002, when Jaiden was a newborn, but everything else is pretty much here.

Some readers have been here from the very beginning, and some are brand new. Honestly, I really don’t write for readers (only occasionally, such as today), but I love, love, love having conversations with and getting to know the people that read my site. I enjoy feedback and like comments. I have met some great people through comments! Thanks for reading, guys (should I just say ‘ladies’? What guys actually read this?).

Here’s a screenshot of my first layout. It’s an Echo and the Narcissus theme. The woman is a Greek goddess, then you have the Narcissus bouquet and ‘Echo’ written in Greek (so I was told, anyway).

For the geeks, the domain was originally purchased at and hosted by a pagan company whose name I cannot remember. I have changed hosts many, many times but for now I am with Surpass Hosting. I renew this domain and purchase new ones from GoDaddy.com.

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