A Day in the Life

We’ve become pretty big YouTube consumers since Jensen’s birth (and running out of things to watch on Hulu and Netflix) and have been toying around with the idea of vlogging on a regular basis. The jury’s still out on that one, but we did a quick little Day in the Life video on Saturday that we thought you might enjoy!

And speaking of that adorable baby, he is SEVEN MONTHS OLD today! SEVEN. One of these days I’ll come back and write about how wonderful he is, but for now enjoy the DITL video! We filmed on Sunday as well and I may post that later in the week (didn’t want to post lifestyle videos two days in a row).

While you’re checking THAT video out, you might also be interested in other YouTube activity I’ve got going on: my Usborne new consultant kit unboxing! I’ve just started this venture and I’m really, really excited to talk about these adorable little books! They’re so cool. Anyway! Check that out and stay tuned for more!