Pinterest Challenge – Fall

It’s no secret that I love Pinterest. It inspires me to make things, to make plans for things, to remember things. It’s inspiring my meals, my gift-giving, my DIY-ing. It also helps me waste time with all of its infinite eye candy.

Plain and simple? Pinterest rocks.

Now that soccer and softball season has ended for the winter, and I have found myself with a little more free time (ha), I can do other things. Like be lazy. And watch movies. And listen to my audiobooks. And watch Mad Men and 30 Rock. This weekend, though, I decided to be crafty and completed two Pinterest-inspired projects: a felt crayon pouch and caramel apple bites.

My children – namely Jenna – always makes a lot of noise during church by dropping crayons on our wooden pews; it drives me insane. To fix this, I picked up a few felt pieces and hand-stitched little pouches based on one I’d seen on Pinterest.

The first one I made, which was for Jenna, was made using a half (lengthwise) sheet of dark purple felt (from Walmart). I simply cut it, measured how high I wanted the crayons to go, then hand-stitched it together with red thread, added a button and called it done.

The others, however, were a little more elaborate, I guess you could say. The kids all love to use little teeny composition books ($1.79 at Walmart) and I wanted to incorporate a pocket for these plus a little something for the kids’ pens/pencils.

The larger pouches were made using a full sheet of felt (one pouch was red, one was white). Again, I positioned the crayons and the notebooks where I wanted them, then pinned the fabric down and hand-stitched the pockets. On Jaiden’s I decorated the flap with a purple heart (and red thread); Jaylen’s had a royal blue “J”; I also cut slits in the fold for the pens/pencils.

The kids LOVE them! And our little friends from church were jealous, so I might end up making more. It only took me a few hours to make them (I even sat in my jacuzzi tub, listened to an audiobook while the kids Skyped with their father, and stitched one of them together). Next time I may bring out the sewing machine, but handstitching was really cathartic.

Forgive me for the horrible photos; the batteries in my Nikon were dead and … well, the iPhone was available. I’ll have to snap some photos of the other pouches (we left them in the pew on purpose).

The second Pinterest-inspired creation, which we made on Sunday morning, was caramel apple bites. The last Sunday of each month is Loaves & Fishes Sunday at church; it’s a potluck where we all bring whatever we want, having faith that we will be provided with enough to eat. Of course we always are (I SO look forward to this every month)!

This month I wanted to bring these bite-sized goodies because I figured they definitely fit the season and were small enough to enjoy one or two without guilt, for those of us counting calories. These were SO easy to make, too.

I used my apple corer/cutter to slice two Granny Smith apples and one honeycrisp apple, then I cut them into smaller (one-inch or so) pieces.

The apples are supposed to be dipped into caramel, just as you would a larger apple, however I bought the caramel apple dip (oops). I had a bunch of Halloween-themed cupcake picks for lunches and used those for a little festive kick (skulls at church!).

Easy directions: stab apple bit chunk with toothpick, dip in caramel, place on wax paper, repeat.

My caramel didn’t sit up as it should have, because I bought the wrong thing, but I didn’t bring a single apple bite home!

And while I didn’t plan this, my Pinterest-inspired weekend also happens to coincide with Sherry & Katie’s Pinterest Challenge. Go me!

Anyone else on Pinterest? What’s the best thing you’ve seen?